Panic as armed robbers terrorize NSUK students in Nasarawa

Panic as armed robb£rs t£rrorize NSUK students in Nasarawa

The students of Nasarawa State University in Keffi (NSUK) are reportedly being t£rrorized by armed robb£rs.

The robb£ries have reportedly been going on for over a month and many students have been att@cked, r@ped and severely inj¥red. 

It was gathered that the armed robb£rs, who are said to be in their numbers, usually invade the students’ hostels, br£ak their doors to gain access into their rooms, where they rob and att@ck them.

The latest incident, which occurred last night, left a yet-to-be-specified number of students inj¥red.

According to one of the affected students, “My school has been under robbery att@ck for over a month now. Students are being sh@t, inj¥red, and even r@ped. Police here are not doing anything about it and it getting worst by the day. Please, we need urgent help.” 

Another students disclosed that, “Our school is under att@ck, the armed robb£rs are more than 40 in number. They have been terr@rizing and r¥pping students off their valuables. This has been going on for over a month now and the government and school management are doing nothing about it.“ 

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